Thursday, November 4, 2010

Combat Wombat Miniatures, Vehicles

So Scotty from Combat Wombat Miniatures sent all sorts of vehicles to showcase.  Below are the Pitbull APC,  Scarab Fast Attack Vehicle, Centurion Medium Tank, Scorpion Resse & the Medium Grav Tank.  Some of the tanks required a little prep work prior to putting them together.  The prep work basically involved just removing excess resin from the wheels and parts of the vehicles.  The vehicles were easy to assemble and will look great on the table top.

Pitbull APC

 Scarab Fast Attack Vehicle

Centurion Medium Tank, Scorpion Resse & Medium Grav Tank

 Scarab Fast Attack Vehicle, Pitbull APC & Medium Grav Tank
Critical Mass Games Arc Fleet Trooper

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  1. Oh no -- that Pitbull APC looks like just what I need for some District 9 gaming. This will be bad for the bank account...