Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hotz ArtWorks, Moonscape Mat

Hotz Artworks just released a really cool moonscape gaming mat.  I haven't seen these in person, but I think they would be really fun to game on.

The Moonscape Felt Game Mat is designed especially for lunar sci-fi games, either 15mm/28mm skirmish games, 1/300th scale games, fighter craft games in Zero-G, or anything else you may want to play. The felt color was specifically chosen because it matches our vision of the lunar surface. These game mats are available with or without airbrushed crater artwork. If crater artwork is desired, the crater sizes can be modified to match the scale of your game -- you can have larger or smaller size craters airbrushed onto your game mat. Just ask. You may want to have a hex or square grid printed onto the game mat surface. The hexes, for example can be added so the crater artwork fits inside the hexes (available with 3 inch or larger hexes). This way the hex/square grid, if desired, is not merely printed onto the game mat, but is instead added intelligently to the game mat to enhance game play. The uses you will have for these mats is limited only by your imagination.

The position and number of craters airbrushed onto game mat varies from game mat to game mat. Usually, on a Moonscape game mat with craters, there are between 18 and 24 craters per game mat. If you want large craters, there will be fewer craters on the game mat, while smaller craters will mean there will be more.

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