Monday, November 8, 2010

BattleTech, Ironwind Metals

Ironwind Metals has some neat releases for BattleTech including the Wolverine II Mech and the Icarus II Mech. Since I haven't played BattleTech, I am not sure how these compare size wise to Dream Pod 9 gears. They do look nice.

Icarus II Mech

Wolverine II Mech


  1. They will work perfectly for 6mm Sci-fi as Titan Mechs. Although most of the Ironwind Mechs don't look that cool, They have a lot of cool ones.

  2. Most Assault and Heavy class Mechs are larger than most Gears. I'm certain that all the ones I have at least are larger than the Starter Box Gears for sure, as those are the only ones I have on-hand to compare them too.

    I have a rather large variety of BattleTech articles coming up at WarGameGuru. So I'm all into BattleTech mode atm. From what I've seen only the smallest Light Mechs are the same stature as the Heavy Gear Starter Set models.