Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art of Tactic

There is a new board game called Art of Tactic.

The game appears to have a mix of scales (Infantry, Tanks and Planes), but the tanks are said to be 1/100 scale, so would be perfect for Flames of War.

The Art of Tactic also has some rules listed, so you can check them out to see if the game is something you might be interested in.  You can buy the tanks separately for EUR 2.95, but currently there are only two tanks available.  They do show a T-43 on the home page, so I assume there will be others released.

World War II. Barbarossa 1941.Starter kit (6134)

Highly-detailed vehicles and figures.
Unique terrains.
Historical states of units.
Retails for EUR 49.95

Box contents:
- 15 german and Soviets squads
- 1 set of engeneering fortifications
- 6 double-sided Terrain hesex
- 6 heights hexes
- 15 unit cards
- 4 group cards
- 4 mine cards
- Rules
- Scenatio booklet
- reminder sheets
- 10 dices
- 2 water-based markers
- 1 set of decals

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