Monday, September 6, 2010

15mm Sci-Fi Aliens, Khurasan Miniatures, Ground Zero Games

Now that 15mm Sci-Fi is becoming popular, there are a lot of new alien faces on the scene. 
Here are just a few of my favorites range combat aliens.
Ground Zero Games -  Kra’Vak Power Armour and Phalon Infantry
Khurasan Miniatures - Karkarines and Garn

Ground Zero Games just recently released Ixx Warriors, Alien Mercs and Crusties.  Khurasan Miniatures released the Felids.  Of course there are the Spriggan Miniatures - Spugs.  Critical Mass Games will be releasing some very promising looking Protolene Khanates, Kaamados Dominion and Praesentia

Here  are just a few of my favorite close combat aliens.

Khurasan Miniatures - Parasachnids (not released yet)
Space Demons and Spearbearer Insectmen

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