Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dream Pod 9 - Heavy Gear Blitz

Here are the Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear Blitz figures I am going to use for Demos.  The paint jobs will not win any contests, but they are perfect for doing demos and will be able to stand up to use and abuse.   Actually I quite like the paint jobs for what it is worth.  I used a base color and then did a wash with Future Floor Polish (1/2 water, 1/2 future + black for the Southern troopers and brown for Peace River)

Southern Cadre

Peace River Cadre


  1. What is the faction of Mechs that is featured in the advertisement for the Operation Drop Bears Dive expansion on the Front site of Dream Pod 9?? The Khaki Mechs with the Dual Missile Pods on their shoulders?

    And are those coming out anytime soon???

  2. The Drop Bears are part of the Northern Faction.

    You can purchase them now. The Gears with the multiple missile pods are called koala. The retail 2 for $29.95