Monday, September 27, 2010

Clever Mojo Games - Ogre Castle

I received a review copy of Ogre Castle last week from David MacKenzie of Clever Mojo Games.  I really like this game.  It has all the elements you would want in a game including suspense, back stabbing, monsters, treasure and knights.  Ogre Castle is a ton of fun pitting players against each other in a winner take all game.

The game is easy to play, with simple mechanics.  The game requires 4 players, 3 of which are knights trying to plunder treasure from the Ogre's Castle and 1 person who plays the big bad Ogre.  Being the Ogre means you get to beat the heck out of the knights and take treasure back.

The base game retails for $25 or you can buy the game with a booster deck for $35.   The booster deck can be used instead of the standard deck or combined with the standard deck, in part or in whole, to vary the game play experience.  For people who prefer to play games using metal figures instead of paper figures, this can easily be done using any 28mm fantasy figure range.  My plan is to use some Reaper miniatures I have, painting them up in the red, blue, yellow and green color schemes.

Game Components include
1 Game Map
1 Accessories Bag
1 Deck of Magic Scroll Cards
1 Ogre Token & 3 Knight Tokens
1 Black Die & 7 Red Dice
12 Armor Chips
12 Colored Gems

Designed by W. David MacKenzie. 
Art by Matthew Silber

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