Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Epic Raiders 2.0, Epic Siege

Epic Raiders and Epic Siege are now available!!  To order either or both Siege and Raiders 2.0. You can Paypal and mark in the notes the title(s) of the books and the quantities of each that you want. 

Important Notice regarding Raiders 2.0 and Combined Orders
Raiders 2.0 is not printed yet. There could be delays that push getting your book till September, so by placing an order for both books or Raiders 2.0 by itself you are telling me you are okay waiting for another 3-4 weeks before I ship it. I can ship them independent of each other too, but that will cost extra shipping. Just refer to the costs below and notate your Paypal payment explicitly.

Siege will ship immediately.

Why pre-order Raiders 2.0? Because I can only order these in batches of 50+, so once their gone you may be on a waiting list for a looooooong time. Ask the guys who emailed me in 2009.

To see get the full scoop check out Tactical Commands Forum

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