Wednesday, September 29, 2010

15mm Matchbox Vehicles

Matchbox has a vehicle that is just perfect for 15mm Sci-Fi games.  Plan on spending about $1-$2 per vehicle.  An excellent value all around.  It has been produced under many names and comes in many different paint jobs.  If you do a Google search for "Matchbox Armored Response Vehicle" or "Matchbox Armored Police Vehicle" you should be able to find lots of them.  You may even be able to find them at a local toy store that sells Matchbox cars.  The rear top of the vehicle slides backwards to reveal seats and a console.
 Matchbox Armored Response Vehicle
Painted up and dry brushed.  Gun was added from a VOR gun emplacement.  
 Two converted Armored Response Vehicles
Gun and figure are from GZG's new SG15-A17 (NAC standing gunners)

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