Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trench2114 Heer Infantry

John from Trench2114 sent some review samples of the new Trench2114 Heer Infantry.  I have to say, I think these are his best work yet.  Loads of detail and cool trench coats.  What's not to like.  Unlike the previous release of the Panzer troopers, you get 5 different variations of the Heer light infantry vs 3 of the Panzer troopers. The figures I received only had a little bit of flash on the bottom of the bases.  Basically no prep.  They have a small emblem on their helmet, but I think I need a different camera to zoom in on the detail.  These should be fun to paint up.

A blister pack blister contains (10) Heer light infantry, consisting of 8 basic infantry (3 different poses), an Officer and a soldier with heavy weapon for $5.50.

John has a bunch of free rules to use with these figures.  He also has a little background history.

Comparisons with ACP Games Mercs, Trench2114 Panzer Trooper, Trench2114 Heer Trooper, Armies Army trooper

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