Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trench 2114, Panzer Troopers Infantry

Here are some pictures of the Trench 2114 Panzer Troopers Infantry. The troopers are a good size for 15mm and would fit in nicely with others. They are certainly bigger than some, but are also pretty heavily armored.

This blister contains enough Panzer Heavy infantry to field two platoons of 15mm troops (10).  So your paying about $1 a fig.   Based on the size of the figures, it is a pretty good deal.  There is certainly a lot of metal.  There are 3 different poses.  My pack came with 2 commanders and 4 each of the other 2.

Overall the figures I received would probably get an "A".  There was almost no flash to speak of.  The only flash was on the under side of the base.  The guns are nice and big and shouldn't break.  There is loads of detail that will not get washed out when you paint the figures.

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