Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KickStarter, Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play

A friend of mine, Scott Pyle, has a new game system up on Kickstarter called Goalsystem Delves: Dungeon Skirmish Role-Play.  Scott is the creator of the GoalSystem and has a series of games including SuperSystem, Chaos in Cairo and a few others. 

If you're a big fan as I am of his other systems, you will really want to check this KickStarter out.  There are only 4 days left.

Goalsystem Delves provides rules and adventures for playing character-driven skirmish games in fantasy worlds of mysteries, magic, and monsters. These rules harken back to the days of classic dungeon crawls and the world’s most popular fantasy RPG.  Players take the roles of a group of hardened adventurers seeking treasure, glory, and the defeat of the festering evils that remain hidden in the darkest corners of forgotten dungeons.

Goalsystem Delves seamlessly blends RPG and tabletop miniature elements into a fast paced tabletop experience that provides the depth of an RPG with the fast paced action of a tactical miniatures game. Delves plays fast, allowing players to run a multi-encounter Adventure in a single session and epic campaigns over multiple sessions. 

The game is written for 15mm and 28mm figures, although the miniatures that are in the KickStarter are 28mm.

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