Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rise of the Occulites

If your looking for some kick butt way cool figures that look too fun for words, then you have to check out Rise of the Occulites.  The miniatures are sculpted by Bob Olley, one of my favorite sculptors.  The plan is to have at least 4 different tribes of miniatures (the big one eyed fellows) and probably a bunch of smaller ones.  There are also 4 games in the works.

"Dawn – Rise of the Occulites" (Miniature Board Game)
“Race to Dusk” (Cardgame)
“Dusk – Rise of the Occulites” (Boardgame)
“Time of the Occulites” (Boardgame)

The first game in the series “Dawn – Rise of the Occulites” is a miniatures boardgame. It is set in a time when the Occulite civilisation is just forming. Occulites travel from cave to cave in small tribes. Daily life is tough, with Sungems and territory being vital to a tribe’s ability to survive. The game features objective based skirmish gameplay and sees you steer your tribe through a fully customisable campaign, but pick up and play scenarios are also on offer. Dawn uses an innovative card based action resolution system that is easy to use but difficult to master. This game is pretty much fully fleshed out and is just waiting of figure sculpts to be done before releasing.

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