Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dust Tactics, Punisher, Fireball

Here are some upcoming models from Fantasy Flight Games Dust Tactics line called the Punisher and Fireball.  I kind of like these.

The Punisher is the heaviest walker the Allies have ever produced, with twin 155mm howitzers to pummel heavily armored walkers and a number of .50 cal and .30 cal machine guns to lay waste to enemy squads foolish enough to approach.
The Fireball adheres to the Allies’ traditional strengths–speed, versatility, and lethal attacks at close range. Its deadly Napalm Thrower launches fiery doom at a greater range than ever before, and those fires can consume nearly any enemy unit in a single hit.


  1. Nice, I like the fireball design.

  2. Yea I really think these will sell well.

  3. Never got into this, but the more I see of it, I like...quality kits by the look!