Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Xmarx - Armored Train

A few years back I received a train from Brian Slack of Xmarx.com.  The train is designed for 6mm-15mm game play.  I found the train to be perfect in both scales.  The armored train consists of an Engine and 3 rail cars (Engine, Supply Car, Passenger Rail Car and Passenger Rail Car with Gun).  The train is resin cast and each train or engine comes with 4 pieces (Upper Body, Lower Body with wheels, front and rear bumpers).


  1. The Armored Train was designed in 15mm so that it would be compatible with Flames of War.

    The gauge of the wheels is 12mm so that it will fit on TT scale track.

  2. Love this train. Must get the 12mm TT Track.