Friday, September 20, 2013

PlasmaBlast Games, Progenitor, Orbital Combine

It seems that a lot of gamers are sort of mixed about how to base their 6mm infantry and vehicles if at all.  Last night I decided to really think about the best way to go about doing this and I think I have come up with some good solutions.

Normal Sized Infantry - base them 3 to 5 per stand using a 40x15mm stand.
Large Infantry - base them 1 to 3 per stand using a 40x20mm stand
Small Vehicles - base them 2 to 3 per stand using a 40x20mm stand.
Large Vehicles - base them 1 per stand using a 30x40mm stand.
Very Large Vehicles/Monsters - Here I think you can use either square or round bases.  For Vehicles

I will probably opt for either a 40x40mm stand or larger.  For Monsters I tend to like round bases and I am thinking 40mm or 50mm should be sufficient. 
Below are some samples of Plasmablast Games vehicles for both the Progenitor and Orbital Combine forces.
Top and middle row are the Plasmablast Games Progenitor Vehicles
Bottom row shows the Plasmablast Games Orbital Combine vehicles

Plasmablast Games Progenitor Wolfbite 

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