Thursday, October 7, 2010

Z-Man Games, Neuroshima HEX

In 2008 Z-Man Games released a board game called Neuroshima Hex designed by Michal Oracz.  I had never heard of the game before last night.  Neuroshima Hex is a strategy game placed in a post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima (a Polish RPG). The game is for 2 to 4 players.  Each player leads one of four armies: Borgo, Hegemonia (Hegemony), Moloch and Posterunek (Outpost). Each army deck consists of 34 tiles - soldiers, support tiles and special actions. You win when you destroy all enemy H.Q.'s or your H.Q. is the least damaged one at the end. There are also 2 additional expansions for the game including Babel 13 and Duel.  Babel 13 includes rules for setting up a campaign.

The game mechanics are really ingenious where every unit has the ability for close combat, range combat or a combination.  The game involves a lot of tactics and some luck.  Last night we played both the 2 player and the 4 player game.  I have to say both versions were fantastic.  Every army or race in the game has some really unique units that have very special abilities.  Learning how to effectively use these units takes time, but once you figure out their strengths and weaknesses, you will have even more fun using them.

Neuroshima Hex Contents
  • 140 army tiles
  • 4 mercenray tiles
  • 1 Mad Bomber promo tile
  • Gaming board
  • 4 army reference cards
  • 16 wound tokens
  • 8 HQ damage tokens
  • Rules
Neuroshima Hex Quick Overview
  • No. of players: 2-4
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Price: $49.99

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