Friday, October 1, 2010

Mega Miniatures, Demonblade Shock Force

Mega Miniatures has acquired Demonblade's 28mm sci-fi Shock Force miniature line. The line includes over 140 metal figures and vehicles, plus associated artwork, designed Chaz Elliot, Dave Summers, Bobby Jackson, Drew Williams, Dave Perry and Jeff Valent.

They will be re-releasing the figures from this range every month for the next 16-24 months. The ranges include GothRats, Scarlet Brethren, Vengequan, Mutants, Dead Tech Systems, MegaComs, and The Organization. The first re-release includes 18 figures renamed from the GothRat series that can be found under catagory SCIENCE FICTION BLOOD BROTHERS in both our ebay and online stores.

Note: The trademarks of Shock Force, DemonBlade, and WarEngine, were not transferred. This acquisition also does not include figures in the GWAR: Rumble in Antarctica line.

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