Tuesday, October 5, 2010

S6 Engineering, 15mm City Blocks

S6 Engineering has created 15mm Blocks to go with their 15mm road system.  The 3mm laser-cut acrylic building baseplates allow the creation of seamless city blocks with pavements when combined with the 5cm/15mm road system.

(GW Epic Shadowsword shown for scale purposes)


  1. The S6 stuff has now become extremely appealing to me. The best terrain I've ever finished is the Miniature Scenery CNC Australia 28mm city tiles... I took more out of gaming in the six months after I made those than the entire six years before that.

    I'd love to repeat that success in 15mm, and I think these might be what I need to do it.


  2. Just ordered a batch myself. It looks excellent and I will get some images up on the blog of the painted result! http://www.gruntz.biz

  3. Awesome. Let me know when you have some pictures.