Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures, Stikks Skuttler

Here is a totally wacky vehicle from Khurasan Miniatures called the Skuttler. It is designed to be both a troop transport and armored fighting vehicle. Each segment is designed to hold up to 3 soldiers.

The Vehicle was designed by John Bear Ross (JBR). It has a separate head and tail, then separate middle segments that can be posed. The legs are one piece, but the way they attach to the body segments, you can pose them in many ways.  Jon found it a little tricky to build and he thought it required a bit of thought, but had lots of fun doing it.

It was painted by Chris Yaro.

The kit will be sold as a starter set with head and tail and two body segments, the minimum needed for propulsion (of course). Then extra segments will be sold as expansion sets, so you can make it longer. The one pictured below is a super heavy version with six segments! Production looks to be sometime around March.

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