Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here are some rather cool figures on Shapeways called the Frogan. They are designed by admiralducksauce's designs   I would love to see these in metal.  A pack of 4 is $9.99 which is rather expensive for 15s, but they are cool.  I would love to see these compared to some other 15s to get a feeling for their size.  This guy has some nice talent.  He also has some pretty cool spaceships in his store.


  1. I've got them in 28mm and they're perhaps a little shorter than you'd expect for a fauxgan - they stand only a couple of mm taller than a GW Space Marine from feet to top of mini.
    I think once painted up they'd gain bulk, as mine are clear at the moment.

  2. Looks like something from Mass Effect. Was that the intention?