Monday, December 5, 2011

ACP Games,

An interesting figure has appeared on the radar from ACP Games. Not sure what he will be called, but I like what I am seeing.  Hopefully we will see it in metal form soon.  Other news from ACP Games comes in the form of new resin tanks.  Jimbo has been pretty busy remastering some of the larger vehicle sculpts with new designs and integrated bases.  Early next year the Makat will be getting a large walker type to boost their ranks.


  1. This figure,the merc chief will ONLY be available as a freebie at Adepticon,it will NOT be for sale! So if you go to Adepticon,you will get one for FREE in your swag bag!

  2. Are you sure he will stay in the bag. That sword thing looks like it will rip right through it. :-)