Thursday, May 12, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, Valkyries

A reader had asked to see some comparisons of the ArtCrime Productions Valkyries next to some Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gears.   Here are some comparisons of the of the Valkyries next to some GZG 2mm/6mm figures and some Dream Pod 9 Southern Heavy Gears.  As you can see the Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gears fit in nicely with the 15mm stuff from ArtCrime Productions.


  1. Nice paint work on those Gears, Tom!

  2. you wouldn't happen to have any 6mm normal infantry you could take a picture with? In any case thanks for the review,the first time I saw them I didn't find them that impresive, this shot has drawn my eye to quite a few nice details. thanks!