15mm Sci-Fi Blogs

15mm MiniaturesContains some really nicely painted figures.
Brazos Evil Empire
CQB Ambush Alley France Lots of 15mm goodness.
David's Painting Blog Lots of stuff here to both inspire an get ideas from.
D.C. 2150 Great new blog site with lots of good 15mm stuff.
DyeHard's 15mm VSF A little out of date, but cool with Victorian Sci-Fi
DreamForge-Games New 15mm graphic sculptor.
Dropship Horizon Lots of 15mm content and updated often
Firezone Studios
Inso's World Inso is working on sculpting some 15mm Dwarfs. 
John Bear Ross An amazing sculptor of 15mm vehicles.
Redroom's Miniatures and Mayhem Nice selection of 15mm stuff.
SFSFW Has a mix of 15mm and other ranges.
Tiny Solitary Soldier Great selection of painted figures to look at
Vulture's Wargaming Blog  Lots of good 15mm Sci-Fi

15mm Sci-Fi Companies Check out their HOF and Laserburn figures.
Battle Stations Has some really wacky aliens
Black Hat Miniatures Check out their 18mm Martian Empire Vehicles.
Combat Wombat Miniatures A great selection of sci-fi tanks.
Critical Mass Games Probably the best sculpted human miniatures to date.
DLD Productions Really nice stuff if you can place an order.
Dream Pod 9 Not really known for 15mm scale, but the figures are sweet.
Force XXI Miniatures Don't know much about their 15mm line.
Ground Zero Games Has the biggest selection of 15mm around.
Ironclad Miniatures Has a nice selection of 15mm terrain.
Irregular Miniatures Have the Star Ranger 15mm figures.
Khurasan Miniatures Very cool Alien races.  If you like Alien you will like their miniatures
Kremlin Miniatures Nice selection of futuristic Samurai looking figures.
Old Crow Models A great selection of vehicles and buildings
Rebel Minis A nice selection of 15mm
Peter Pig Has a small selection of 15mm Sci-Fi figures
RAFM Miniatures Has a small selection of 15mm Sci-Fi figures
Team Frog Has a small selection of 15mm Frogs and Rats.
The Scene Has a small selection of 15mm Sci-Fi figures
Splintered Light Miniatures A small selection right now of Sci-Fi figures.
Spriggan Miniatures Spugs in 15mm, what is not to like.
ZombieSmith Sells the Aphids.

6mm Sci-Fi Blogs

Epic Scapes
Firezone Studios A mixture of 15mm and 6mm greatness
Small Distractions A great 6mm conversion website. 

6mm Forums

6mm Yahoo Group Yahoo Group that is dedicated to 6mm Sci-Fi.
Tactical CommandLots of Good Forums.

6mm Sci-Fi Companies

Adler Miniatures A nice range (Dark Star) of near futuristic sci-fi.
Baccus 6mm Has a bunch of nice sci-fi vehicles and infantry.
Brigade Models Has a large 6mm range.
CinC Carries the Renegade Legion and a few other Sci-Fi vehicles
Comfy Chair Games Just starting up in the 6mm range with their
Command Horizon Sells 6mm figures and bases.
Dark Realm Miniatures Fantastic 6mm line.
Exodus Wars Nice looking 6mm figures.
Irregular MiniaturesNot exactly sure what they carry based on their website.
Majic MiniaturesHas lots of UFO figures.
MicroWorldGamesSells Dark Realm Miniatures and some interesting Fantasy.
Monday Knight
Makers of Maatac - Great old figures.
Old Crow Models Great 6mm buildings.
Plasma Blast Games A new 6mm company - looks to have lots of potential.
Reiver Castings Carries a nice assortment of 6mm vehicles
Scotia Grendel Has 3 armies of 6mm Sci-Fi vehicles
Steve Jackson Games Can you say Ogre...sure you can.
Tin Soldier Have a nice range of Sci-Fi called Days of Empire
Xmarx.com15mm and 6mm terrain 
ZandrisIV Miniatures A new company with a small range of 6mm figures.

6mm/15mm Terrain Companies and Sites

Antenociti's Workshop Lots of good stuff, but mostly 28mm.
GameCraft Miniatures Cool Middle Eastern Buildings in 6mm/15mm
Ground Zero Games Some new Sci-Fi buildings
Hotz Artworks Nice gaming mats.
Itar's Workshop      Has some nice WWII bunkers and sandbags.
Kennington Miniatures Makes some 6mm Sci-Fi terrain through mbmmodels
Old Crow Models Has a few buildings
Terra Genesis Lots of info on terrain building. 15mm and 6mm terrain

6mm Epic Websites

Dakka Dakka Has a ton of Info in the GW realm.
Dropship Lots of good information.
Epic Army Card Fantastic Epic Cards for Gaming. 
Epic Catalog Has a few pages on older epic figures
Epic Collector Lots of GW pictures.
Epic Lounge Some pretty cool stuff here.
Epic UK Lots of Epic Info
Felix's Gaming PagesLots of good information.
Sydney Epic Pretty Active site in Sydney
The Strange World of Axel Fendersson Some really nicely painted epic stuff.
WarSeer Tons of Great stuff

Used/Trading Websites

Bartertown Another good side to trade
Dakka Dakka Trade Forum Pretty active trading forum
ChaosOrc's SuperstoreCan find some older stuff here.
Tactical CommandHas a good trading forum

28mm Sci-Fi Websitesw

Hammer Slammers Great Hammer Slammer Website
AT-43 AT-43 Resource

Gaming News Websites

TMP The Miniature Page - The go to website.
TGN Table Top Gaming News - Simply Awesome

General Blogs

Ambush Alley Cool French blog
An Hour of Wolves Lots of good stuff.
Brandlin's Blog Good Conversions and painting.
Boromir and Kermit's Lots of great content.
ChicagoTerrainCompany Lots of good tips for building terrain.
Dropship Fantastic articles on painting.
The Drunken Dwarves Lots of good gaming info.
Four-Color Figures If you like Superheros you will love this blog.
Matakishi's Tea House Contains Lots of inspiration.
Vultures Wargaming Blog Mixture of gaming related/non related stuff
You And What Army Great articles and paint jobs.
ZinnFigur Online A nice German site


Bartertown A great place to buy and sell figures.
Frothers Unite! UK Tons of great posts.
Lead Adventure Forum Contains lots of great posts.
Max Paint Lots of Stuff in German.
Steve Dean Lots of really good painters post on this forum.
Yahoo Groups 15mmSciFi A good forum to discuss anything 15mm Sci-Fi


Alien Squad Leader I happen to like this game a lot, easy, but hard to master.
Beam Strike I haven't used these rules yet.  They are free.  Yahoo Group.
Command Horizon I haven't had a chance to check these out yet, but they are free rules.
F.A.D. Scifi Skirmish rules F.A.D. is a skirmish rules set for science fiction and 20th century wargaming.
FreeWargameRulesA fantastic source for free wargame rules.
Future War Commander I haven't tried these rules either.  Looks cool though.
Star Grunt I haven't played this either, but lots of people like it.

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