About Me

I found out about miniatures at the age of...well I am not exactly sure.  My older brothers had lead figure molds for making lead toy soldiers and I used to play with them in our back yard.  That was probably back in the late 60's.  In the early 70's I had a bunch of Airfix plastic soldiers, actually I had a ton of them.  When I got old enough and had money, I would visit a store called the Little Soldier and The Complete Strategist.  I had a group of friends that would play various games in the mid 70's and early 80's (Steve Jackson's Ogre, Maatac, Galacta and others).  When I got to college I took a break from gaming and mostly studied and experienced the college life.  After I graduated I again picked up some gaming after walking into a GW store.  From there I found other gaming stores to include Little Wars and The Game Parlor.  There was a great group that would game on Thursday nights called oddly enough, TNGG or Thursday Night Gaming Group.  I would often accompany this group to cons in the east (Cold Wars, Historicon and Fall In).

Since moving to Austin, I have found another group to game with. 

I have been painting probably since the mid 70's although my painting skill has never reached the point of perfection.

Since the arrival of the net, one thing that has driven me crazy was the lack of miniature pictures.  It amazes me that many miniature companies still don't realize that pictures speak volumes when it comes to selling figures.  I have always had a vision that I could give back to the gaming community by providing a place for gamers to be able to view and compare miniatures from various manufacturers.

Besides gaming, I have competed in 5 Ironman distance races, run 100 miles in the Leadville Trial 100 (This Year) and done countless other shorter races.  Before moving to Austin, Texas I was a top age grouper in almost every road race I competed in under 10 miles, with many top 10 finishes.  Since moving to Austin, I have had my butt handed to me on several occasions.  The competition here is crazy.  This year I qualified for the 2010 Boston marathon.  Since running the 100 miles, I have been a convert to running barefoot.  I try and do that about 3 times a week.  It really wakens up your senses.

I also have a fantastic wife Kathleen, who supports my hobby.