Thursday, December 13, 2018

So You Want Dwarfs do ya

Ah yes those short squat little fellows who always seem to be smashing goblin heads around.  Yes we are talking dwarfs of the fantasy type and I have found a few companies that appear to make some really good looking dwarf miniatures.

You already know about Games Workshop, but you may not know about some of the other companies out there. has a really nice of dwarfs for your gaming needs and dungeon crawls.

Those looking for rank and file types might want to check out

North Umbrian Tin Soldier has what appears to be dwarfs, gnomes and all sorts of fun creatures

If fighting from above is your thing, Norba Miniatures makes some very cool Dwarf Airships

If you like Kick Starters and you are looking for something a wee bit smaller than a dwarf, check out halflings and fantasy friends kickstarter

Did someone say Bears?  The Assault Group makes what appear to be outstanding Bear Clan type sculpts


  1. Have you looked at the Oathmark Dwarves from North Star or the ranges from Conqueror Models?

    1. Why no I haven't. I will check them out.

      Also there is and