Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dystopian Wars Spartan Games Closes

With Spartan Games closing shop it is interesting seeing how much people are paying for their last Kickstarter figures.

$610 dollars for a figure set.  Really...really.  Obviously there is still demand for Dystopian Wars, at least  on Ebay.

If you are thinking about picking up a miniature line, Dystopian Wars might not be a bad move.  The figures are super cool, they have a ton of detail and look great.

I am actually surprised that Spartan Games couldn't pull this off.  I guess having so many different figures and such can take up a lot of resources.  Still I think if they had made a better ruleset for their figures, they would still be in business.


  1. I will miss Halo Fleet Battles and Firestorm Armada myself. I'm still debating about picking up more Halo Fleet Battles, or would it be throwing good money after the bad?

  2. If you like the figures definitely go for it. Who knows if someone will pick up the line or not. That is what I am doing with Dystopian Wars. I will make up my own rules.