Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Inquisitor 54mm Proxies

Since GW hasn't made Inquisitor models in quite some time, I decided to see if any proxies have been made.

So far I have come across 2 really good candidates.

Papah-Minis has an excellent Tau Alien type proxy called the Alien Commander 2.0.  Obviously a ton of work was put into this model and from the looks there are a ton of options you can choose from.

You can email to get all the info.

For those who love Squats, has some fantastic looking Ogres that are dead ringers for Squats.  They even have power fists.  With a little conversion you can even add a beard to these figures and you are good to go.

Ulrik von Octoberfest is a 28mm scale resin miniature. Height from Feet to Eyes: 51mm, total height with base 74mm.

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