Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hobbits And Halflings

So you're looking for those little furry feet guys.  I am on a quest for the best Non-GW halfling/hobbit figures.

First up halflings from  They have 2 different sets including the Halfling Adventurers and the Halfling Homebodies.  I wish they had one more figure with a sword.

GFR0025 - Halfling Adventurers £5.00 
GFR0026 - Halfling Homebodies £5.00 

Up next are some little people from Mirliton ( called halfmen.  Please - these are full on halflings/hobbits. 

HM001 - Halfmen With Swords - 9,16EUR

Foundry ( has a selection of halflings
Sgt Major Miniatures ( have an excellent pack of figures in their Bloody Day Of Fantasy line called Fantasy Heroes.  These were formally from Vendel.

SO1 Fantasy Heroes

The Battle Forge ( has a few Adventure type halflings that look rather fun.
RPG Adventuring Halflings 
MPN: HAF0002 0006 0301 0302   
Halfling Adventuring Pack 
Essex ( has a few halflings 

Q96 Halflings: Bowmen

Q93 Halflings: Swordsmen

RattleHead Games ( Black Hat Miniatures
Halfling Militia Swordsmen (5)
Manufacturer: Black Hat Miniatures
Item Number: BHMSHF005
Suggested Retail: $11.00

Midlam Miniatures (
Halfling Town Council $15.70
Warplock Miniatures (

Mithril ( has the Fellowship of the Ring figures.

MB237 Lord of the Rings 'The Fellowship of the Ring™' 32mm Scale Metal Miniatures.
29.45 € ($ 32.60) 


Copplestone produced a fantastic set of figures back in 2010 for his fantasy 28mm range.

CF1 Halfling Adventurers - £7.50 GBP
CF2 Halfling Heroes      - £7.50 GBP
CF3 Halfling Travellers  - £7.50 GBP

Citadel produced a set of LOTR figures back in 1985 for the Fellowship of the Ring.

The Witchhunter has some amazing paint jobs of older halflings made by Citadel.

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  1. I'm rather partial to the Essex Miniatures ones myself.

  2. Hey Michael,

    Well then it looks like I need to acquire a few to put up for review.

    Thanks for reading. I will add a picture of them.