Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WWII Snipers

I thought this picture of a sniper platoon was rather interesting.  Now is this photoshopped or did they actually try to shoot down planes this way.

I will be adding more weird pictures like this to my AntiqueOutings Pinterest account.


  1. My first taught when seeing the image was just target practice. Shooting at a thrown or launched object. (or a kite, what do I know)

  2. I was wondering if you know what army and time period this is from?
    I was surprised to see 2 women in the unit.
    Could they be practicing to shoot at a high building (bell tower or such surrounded by narrow streets)?

  3. these are ww2 Russian snipers, probably in training, and probably posing for the camera showing the folks back home how easy it is to shoot down a Nazi plane, even though all the rifles are pointing up but at different angles.