Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SWR015 T.H.I. Utility Carapace

A while back I posted about Studio Mcvey's cool looking model called the SWR015 T.H.I. Utility Carapac.  This was before the big hub bub about all this Sedition War KickStarter stuff. :-)

Well the good news is they are going to be sell these (assuming you have made a pledge for Sedition Wars) for $15.  You will also get some extra arms with it including a Flamer and Pulse Cannon! So you will have 4 arms to choose from. 

Lowering the price point will certainly be an incentive for some.  I also think the figure might actually be quite fun to use in the game.  This was one of the figures I had wished to be in the game, so I am pretty happy that they lowered the price a bit.

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