Sunday, April 8, 2012

Armies Army

I received some figures from Armies Army. The figures look great and compare nicely with other manufacturers 15mm figures. The detail is great for 15mm and I found little if any flash on the ones I received. The bases are a little thicker than ACP Games figures. You will not have to worry about the figures breaking because of a weak base.  The figures have that Soviet feel to them, at least to me they do.

Check out ArmiesArmy's blog You can order them via email Each pack of 10 figures will retail around £3.50 GBP


  1. I'm really liking these guys!

  2. Thanks Tom

    I am amazed at the different number of paint schemes that people have come up with. Really makes them fit into a much larger picture then I ever imagined! In the very near future, I should have the HQ set ready and a reinforcements set.

    thanks again

    AA Keith