Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Basing Miniatures On Clear Bases

Not sure how many people out there base their miniatures on clear bases, but I thought it looked pretty slick.

The figures below were based on Acrylic glass that 2mm thick, the Infantry bases are original size 40 mm x 12 mm, The Landraider bases are 36 x 32 mm.  For vehicles the measurement was the bounding box of the vehicle + the addition of 2 mm to every dimension and round up to the nearest multiple of 4 mm.  You can check out Tactical Command for the entire thread on this cool concept.

Infantry bases and other bases with a "socket" have 1 mm deep grooves for the miniatures sockets and the vehicle bases have 0.1 mm grooves for the tracks. You could mount the vehicles directly on the surface, but with the grooves they are much easier to position and don't slide around, while the glue is still moist and any excess glue will be kept in the groove and will not spill on the surface.
All bases have a hole which will be hidden under a model. The holes take magnets, so the army can easily be stored. The magnets fit snugly into the holes, so it's enough to press them in - no glue required.  That's what they look like: The infantry base has the magnet already inserted.


  1. I used them for my naval and SciFi aircraft

    in each of these cases the figures are glued not held on with magnets.

  2. Excellent, I like that alot. My only concern would be how easy I could screw it up using the terms glue, clear plastic and delicate hands.....