Friday, November 18, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, XM-6 Grav Tanks

Here are some concepts of the the new XM-6 Grav Tanks by Khurasan Miniatures. The price is going to depend on what the parts cost, of course, but they will most likely be entirely made out of resin, so the price could be similar to the Siler.


  1. Those look pretty damn sweet!

  2. **sigh** I'm just waiting for the full store to reappear, and for some of the other great stuff KM has in the pipe to be available to buy! But these look pretty good. I like the side profile, they're sort of... marine looking.

  3. wow. nice grav look without the bullettraps on the TopGun Grav tanks.

    KM wants all my money.