Friday, September 9, 2011

Antenocitis Workshop, Warrior Mech

Antenocitis Workshop seems like they are quite busy these days pumping out all sorts of cool looking models.  They are currently working on some 15mm vehicles.  That said, they created a beauty of a 3D sculpt robot called the American Legion Warrior Mech.  The mech will probably be around 80mm to 100mm tall.

They also have a movie of the Mech walking around.

When I saw the movie Antenocitis made for the Mech, it instantly brought back memories of Chrome Hounds.  Absolutely loved that game and am very pissed that the online server was taken down.  IMO Chrome Hounds was an absolutely amazing multi-player game.  The best part about the game was tinkering with builds in the garage.  I would spend hours trying to figure out the best build possible.

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