Friday, June 24, 2011

We Have Issues Publishing, Mini-Unz Sci-Fi Male

Here is something a little different and quite frankly really fun.  We Have Issues is coming out with some large scale miniatures.  The scale of the figure is roughly 1/18 scale, but more of a SD or Heroic 1/18 maybe (Some old GI Joe weapons/accessories fit alright with them).   These figures are perfect for young and old and you can equip them the way you want.  If you use magnets, you could probably swap out arms and weapons as needed.

There are plans for a female Sci-Fi to go with him, as well as Steampunk Male/Female and Fantasy Male/Female figures, plus a beefier "Tank" body-style for fans of large characters. There will also be accessory/weapon packs for each, too!  The game plan is to have all parts interchangeable across all figures.

We Have Issues is looking at the possibility of a skirmish-style game, but nothing's concrete yet on that.

We Have Issues hasn't settled on a price yet, so depending on the final product like possibly the inclusion of magnets, decals, it could go up or down.

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